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Hullachans Pro 3s
pro 3s
  • 4mm higher at the back and deeper heel seat than originals - For a secure fit around the heel
  • New lacing system (Registered Design) - Enhanced arch definition and arch support
  • Clever Insoles - Protects and cushions with dual layer insole at the toe and heel
  • Softer leather uppers - Slight give in the leather for a great fit without overstretching
  • Seam free front - Prevents friction damage
  • 15 grams lighter than Hullachan originals (H1)
  • All these great features but the pump weighs less!
    Available in Med & Wide width
    Cost: $92.50
Huullachan Pro 1 (HP1)

  • Made from pre-stretched leather so dancers do not need to 'stretch' the pump to fit.

    The patented arch patches are used to ensure a championship level arch is shown from new.

    The H1 offers a truly streamlined profile while hugging to the arch and heel to create a truly wonderful toe shape when pointing.

    The H1 is also available in a wide and narrow fitting to ensure dancers get the best possible fitting.

    Hullachan's commitment to foot health means every pair comes fitted with medical grade shock absorbency pads at the toe and heel

    Cost: $82.00

Hullachan Pro 4
  • H44 Hulluchan Pro 44
     We have introduced an elasticated arch enhancer (design protected worldwide) which is attached to the pump at 3 key points. This has allowed our designers to remove the arch eyelet which was present in the H3 - so no more tricky lacing through the arch eyelet!!
    Pre-stretched leather upperss

    Cost: $92.500
Hulluchan Prestige Hard Jig ShoeHulluchan Prestige Hard Jig Shoe

  • The Hullachan Prestige has a redesigned toe shape to make it more streamlined and elegant on the foot..

    With premium comfort and support features, high grade leathers and the loudest tips and heels available, this jig shoe is a dream for dancers who want it al. More sizes available.

    Cost: $224.95

Pacelli Gazelle Soft Shoe
Gazelle pump
  • The Gazelle is a traditional full sole leather pump with soft high grade leather uppers and a padded insole for additional comfort.

    The Gazelle also has elasticated side loops under the ankle for a close snug fit.

    A very popular pump with dancers who prefer a traditional style but want a padded insole in their shoe as well as the best in leathers.

    Cost: $53.00

Cost: $55.00
Rutherford Ultra Lite  Flex Jig Shoe

  • Rutherford MEGA Flex with NEW 1Heel® technology. This is the new all-in-one ultra lightweight heel with innovative precision clicking and accuracy. This is the first all-in-one heel on the market. The MEGA Flex® includes mega soft leather for the ultimate in supper flexibility. Comes complete with our world-famous Soundblaster tips.

  • Cost: $224.95
Pacelli Essential Hard Shoe
Pacelli Essential Hard 
  • The Essential jig shoe is a fabulous jig shoe for beginners and intermediate level dancers and offers dancers and parents great value for money.

  • Made and designed by Antonio Pacelli, the Essential jig has a black suede sole and high-quality smooth leather uppers.

  • The suede sole has been designed to be more flexible than our Superflexi leather sole but less flexible than our Ultraflexi range, so perfect for dancers who want flexibility in the sole but also for the sole to support their foot.

  • They come fitted with Leinster tips and shaped Leinster heels.
    Please note these are backordered. Contact us for instock availability

Pacelli Essential Hard
Cost: $95.00/
Antonio Pacelli Ultra Flexi Jig Shoe
Pacelli Superflexi 
  • The Ultraflexi is the perfect jig shoe for dancers who do a lot of toe stands and toe walking as the Ultraflexi is flexible straight out of the box.

  • The sole of the Ultraflexi does not offer as much as support as our Superflexi model so we do not recommend them for beginners, very young dancers or dancers' with foot problems.

  • The Ultraflexi comes with a U-shaped heel stiffener so the top edge of the back of the shoe, the part of the shoe which meets your achilles tendon, is softer and reduces the possibility of blisters and irritation when new.

  • All Ultraflexi jig shoes have a poron insole which is a medical grade material with excellent shock absorbing properties which reduces the impact on the joints of the foot and lower body when dancing.


    Pacelli UltraFlex Concorde
    Cost: $160.00
Pacelli Essential Pump
  • NEW!! Essential Pump

    Traditional style pump with a full black suede sole. Perfect for beginners.

    Summary of Features

    ·       Traditional design

    ·       Leather uppers

    ·       Full black suede sole

    ·       Leather side loops

    ·       Comfortable foam insole

    ·       Great value for money
    Please note these are backordered. Contact us for instock availability

    Cost: $45.00

Rutherford Boys Reel Shoes !Hullachan Boys Reel ProLite  

Rutherford Boys Reel 

  • Boys Reel Rutherford Ultra-Lite Flex - With Soundblaster Hee. Please contact us to order

  • T

    Hullachan Boys Reel ProLite

Pacelli Essential Hard Shoe
  • NEW Pacelli Essential $95.00 Please message for details